Mr. Robert Salisbury - Engineering Program


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Mr. Robert Salisbury

Welcome to pre-Engineering

What is engineering?

Engineering is the application of mathematics, science, economics, empirical evidence, social knowledge, and practical knowledge to invent, innovate, design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures, machines, tools, systems, components, materials, processes, solutions, and organizations.

Students enrolled in the Engineering Technologies Program have the opportunity to take up to 4 years of different engineering courses that provide preparation engineering education for tomorrow's problem solvers.  This means challenging students with real engineering problems and projects. Throughout the program, students will gain skills, knowledge, and confidence. 

Courses are offered in a recommended sequence:
* Intro to Engineering (1 Trimester)
* Engineering 1A/1B (2 Trimesters)
* Engineering 2A/2B/2C (1 Year at least 2 trimesters recommended to go on)
* Engineering 3A/3B/3C (1 Year, all 3 trimesters recommended)
* Engineering 4 - Internship