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Ms. Jody Harris

Greetings, I'm a proud native of Emmett, Idaho, and this charming "Valley of Plenty" has always been home to me. My educational journey began in this very community, attending all the local schools. After high school graduation, I took my passion for basketball to North Idaho College, where I played college basketball, savoring the exhilarating moments on the court. My pursuit of knowledge led me to the University of Idaho, where I graduated in 1999, marking the beginning of my educational and life adventures. Following my graduation, I embarked on a unique journey to Alaska, working on a fishing boat and gaining invaluable experiences.

As life often circles back to where it began, I eventually returned to my hometown, finding immense satisfaction in working on my house and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. My interests span a wide spectrum, from my love for cooking and baking delectable dishes to nurturing my garden, camping in the great outdoors, and casting lines to fish in the serene waters. I am an avid reader, finding solace and adventure within the pages of books. Fall is my favorite season, and I relish taking leisurely walks with my two loyal Labradors, enjoying the crisp air and the beauty of nature. I hold a deep affection for my hometown, and I'm truly thrilled to be back in the classroom, ready to inspire and educate the next generation in the place I hold dear.
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